Daybrook Lodge meets in the evening of the first Tuesday of the months from October to April.  Meetings are comprised of two distinct events.  The first occurs in the masonic temple and consists of a piece of ceremony, aimed at focussing the thoughts of the participants on how they might improve themselves and reflect on their place in the world.  The second consists of a sit down dinner where members can get to know each other in a more informal setting.  This format is followed in hundreds of countries across the globe and, when travelling, members often visit lodges in these countries as a way of meeting like minded locals who they can trust.

Visiting forms an important part of a freemason’s life, and many members of the Daybrook Lodge, as well as attending their own meetings, are regularly invited to visit other masonic lodges nearby.

There are 89 Lodges which meet regularly within Nottinghamshire and thousands of lodges meeting every week throughout the world.